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A short announcement. PAYMENTS.

Started by Admin 2021-06-07 at 19:32
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Hi! How are you?

A short announcement.

Users who do not post proof of payment in the forum. They will not receive the next payment.

- All payments to users will be verified manually.

- IP will be verified with the Registration IP.

In both sites you do not need to invest to withdraw.
I only ask that you post your receipt on the forum.
(Nor is it necessary for them to post in multiple places, EMS, FOXYRATING.COM, etc. Just posting on the forum is enough)

This is done only to support the site.

If you do not know how to publish. In another post I will teach.
This applies to both sites.
MegaBux and NestBux.

Best regards.
MegaBux and NestBux team.
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Thanxs for the info admin

greets Pluto1
2nd project of megabux
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OMG! I have a dynamic IP, that means may be changed. No good for me?
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Quote: rikustek
OMG! I have a dynamic IP, that means may be changed. No good for me?

I think being on a Dynamic IP is not a problem friend same with me i am also on a dynamic IP. Just make sure you're not sharing with another person who also have an account with MegaBux.
Team MegaBux and NestBux
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Thanks for the info
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Thank you optimus for info /xixi, no reason to share with anyone/.

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